Set Etiquette – LA Talent Showcase

We at LA Talent Showcase wanted to share some valuable information on set etiquette. Robin Adams has placed over 92 actors/actresses in S.A.G. featured films, commercial or productions. She shares with you some best practices

Paying your dues.

Rarely do people get speaking parts first. Normally, actors have to pay their dues. And that means working on set as an extra for many different productions until you get your feet wet and building relationship with the Extras Casting Directors and those on set. Keep in mind that eventually the Extras Casting Director will move into casting speaking roles so keep a good working relationship.

If you don’t have anything nice to say, shut up!
This industry is very small and everyone knows each other!! You could be bad mouthing someone and it will get back to that person. Do not be someone that complains and creates drama. In this business everything is last minute and things change very quickly. You have to roll with the punches and continue smiling. Nobody wants to work with someone that is hard to get along with or makes a bad situation worse.

Less is more.
Often we have actors that have a background in theater. In theater, acting is more exaggerated more dramatic. For film remember to turn it down a bit.

You are your reputation.
If you commit to a job please follow through. Be on time, be polite, be someone others get along with easily, adapt easily to changing circumstances, don’t “name drop”, do not over exaggerate your qualifications or skills, be kind to everyone on set

Please do not beg for a role.
Actors are constantly telling Casting Directors that they are “perfect” for the part. We hear this all the time. Please just read for the part and thank everyone and leave. Do not hang around after your audition.

Be nice to receptionist when you check in.
Keep in mind the receptionist reports back to us everything that happens in the lobby. If you were badmouthing your agent or asking the other actors in the lobby what auditions they have been auditioning for. Do not let the other actors psych you out and make you change your decisions you have made about the character. Get your sides, sit by yourself and prepare. And on your way out do not explain your audition to everyone in lobby.

Trust your instinct and don’t be afraid to take chances

Do not take it personally if you don’t get a callback.