Let’s Be Clear – L.A Talent Showcase

I wanted to take a minute to clarify who LA Talent Showcase it. We are a performing arts program, we are not an agency; casting directors; talent scouts; directors; or producers. We have a reputation in the Los Angeles entertainment market as one of the top companies to showcase talent to Agents, Managers and Casting Directors.

Now… Don’t be fooled.
There are a lot of “companies” claiming to be the best “talent” or “showcase” companies. However, they are merely pop-up “companies” that sign up mass amounts of un-qualified talent, anyone willing to pay money to enter their program. Some companies go so far as to say they are an agency, management, or casting company and for a fee they will represent you. WRONG. If a company that is going to represent asks for fee’s in advance, that are 100% without a doubt a scam.

How we are different…
We travel around the country and even in different parts of the world, looking for *qualified* talent. Kids, teens, and young adults that show us something unique. Our goal, and passion is to bring these talent to the Los Angeles market and put them in front of credible agents and managers that are genuinely interested in signing new talent for our age demographic. We do not select talent that are not qualified, not interested, the parents are making them perform, and performers with difficult parents. If we feel that the child/teen/young adult would not to well in front of our industry professionals that we invite to our showcase then we; will not; take you on; as a client. Case in point.

YES, there is an “audition” process. That word can be used for many things, again be careful where you “audition”.

Every weekend in a different city we hold auditions, we have a short presentation where one of our managing directors inform you on the process, what we do in the industry, and how we are successful. Where you read a commercial script for us, and some even perform a monologue they already have prepared. We meet with the performer and parents individually and go over the performers interest in the industry, and how well they can perform.

Don’t be unintelligent…
Go to the right place, ask questions, and most importantly LISTEN. A lot of the time we have the problem of parents and new talent not listening or paying attention to the information we are giving them. When you see so many hundreds of people, and let’s say some are… (a little different). They think that their child is going to come to our audition and immediately be signed by a top industry pro and become a star by tomorrow. This is not American Idol, and I am not Simon Cowell. This is real life, and a real opportunity.

to the details we are giving you about us and the industry so that you can make an informed decision. Don’t be one of those families that are (a little different), think they are going to be a star in an hour, find out that’s not how it works, get angry, and go home and write a bad review about us. We have been in this business since the late ‘70’s, we survived all these years, and your angry un-called for, unintelligent post is not going to take us down.

Have realistic expectations…
If you are realistic, meaning if you are willing to put in the hard work, learn the acting craft, learn about the business and how to be successful, parents this if for you too, this is a learning process, you are going to get out of this what you put in to it and if this is you, we are here for you with open arms and are willing to help you.

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